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Lake Francis Estates & Mutual Water Co.

2021 Annual Shareholder Meeting and Election of Board of Directors

The Annual Shareholder Meeting and Election of Board of Directors will be held on Zoom on Monday, May 10th at 8 pm. Please check your emails. All shareholders should have received an email with the Zoom link and agenda. If you have not, please contact the Board Secretary at

In order to hold an election and to conduct important water company business we need a quorum of 51%! All shareholders have received a ballot/proxy from Election Runner, a trusted online voting platform employed by many professional organizations. The platform is very user friendly and we hope it will help facilitate the voting process for you.

If you are able to participate in-person at the Zoom meeting, we look forward to seeing you there! You may vote vocally on Zoom, OR you may cast your vote ahead of time by using Election Runner.

If you are unable to attend in person, please take a few minutes to cast your vote as Proxy on Election Runner.  The Secretary will use your electronically signed proxy to enter your vote exactly as you cast it. 

If you choose to abstain for whatever reason, please help us reach a quorum by choosing “Abstain” on Election Runner!  It’s easy and takes less than 1 minute.  Your abstention will serve as electronically signed proxy that can be used to fulfill our 51% quorum requirement.

Without a quorum, we are hindered from pursuing grants and other important improvements – and this ultimately reduces your PROPERTY VALUE.

The board is excited to serve you for another year and ensure the sustainability of our water company.

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