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Board nominations are now open!

The annual shareholder meeting of May 10th is around the corner and Board nominations are now open!  You may nominate yourself or another shareholder for the following positions:

Vice President/Treasurer

The board will notify all nominees; shareholders who are nominated may choose to decline the nomination (email or in writing preferred).

Please send your nomination by email to:
Or by snail mail to: PO Box 422, Dobbins, CA  95935

The deadline to receive nominations is April 17.  Ballots, Proxies and Flyers (if any) will be sent out by April 22nd. 

All nominees are subject to the following qualifications:

1) Must be a Shareholder.
2) Must be willing and able to take the AB54 Webinar within 6 months of being elected.
3) Must agree to a criminal background check certifying no felony convictions within the past 10 years.
4) Must be available for most scheduled Board Meetings and Shareholder Meeting(s).
5) Must be current in water/lot fees (developed or undeveloped as appropriate) and remain current during position.

Additionally, nominees should expect that this position will take a huge commitment of their time, as the Water Company is working on important water system grants and fire protection projects that are crucial to the future and growth of our community.  This generally involves several hours of paperwork, phone calls and meetings with officials per week.

Important:  Before Nominees decide to run, please be aware that this election is being held for officer positions in the Lake Francis Mutual Water Company only.  LFMWC does not have any legal authority over Lake Francis Estates and cannot take any action to enforce the CC&Rs (with respect to short-term rentals, modular homes, setbacks, etc.). Otherwise the LFMWC Board of Directors could be held personally liable for fiduciary duty violations.  If you are contemplating running for an officer position because you want to enforce the CC&Rs, please see this letter from the law office of Baydaline & Jacobsen for a legal explanation of why the LFMWC Board cannot do so.